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Super Alloy Racing Springs are a spring design for DH/MTB that have the benefit of 2 years research from a spring manufactured for the 2013 WORKS /Factory Honda WTCC CAR. It has an  innovative front suspension design that needed a dedicated, high stress spring not available in the industry. Once we had that technology, we were able to adjust it for mountain bikes giving you a spring that is available for all rear shock sizes.

Fitment; 200x 57, 215×63, 222×70, 241×76. Fox, Rockshox, Marzocchi, Cane creek, Avalanche, Boss, DVO,

Test cycle range is in excess of 500.000 cycles. Standard cycle test is 500.000

Metal: A new high tension spring material, developed for very high stress applications  were dimensions,durability and weight are critical often use in F1.

Weights: All springs are comparable to Titanium.

Rate range 225lb trough to 450lb in 25lb increments with a a accuracy with in 1.5%

25LB Rate philosophy,  It has always been an issue with getting the perfect spring rate, so introducing a 25lb increment change enables the rider to include the spring a part of their tuning package thus buying two springs for different  types of riding or surface i.e. you would choose to go 25lb lighter for more high speed descent riding where  compression values increase their range  thus not relying on the spring so much for support,or a slightly higher rate for more longer adventure or day riding where speeds are lower and the need to climb more often with back packs on.

Low Retail price also allow to buy two springs as part of your tuning kit and still for less than TI.

PRICE: £99.00 includes POM spacer

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