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With the increasing demands on suspension in the mounting bike industry for Downhill and Enduro, with riders pushing new boundaries EXT’s Franco Fratton and Stendec’s Dave Garland has invested considerable time in 2013/ 2014 attending many race’s including world cup’s and studying these demands as well as organising their own test session’s with some of the best test riders in the industry on the toughest DH courses to develop a stand alone state of the art Rear shock in a bid to enter this world at the highest level.

EXT brings you the STORIA for Enduro and ARMA for Downhill, both lightweight with EXT’s extensive knowledge in the world of high end Motorsport suspension, every part of the new age “future proof” shock has the hall marks of championship winning technology previously unobtainable to the public, both models feature 3 way adjustment, high / low speed compression damping and rebound, exactly the same groundbreaking internals and are only separated by their size requirements, the STORIA has the capability of bar mounted hydraulic lockout, available in sizes 200mm x 57mm , 215mm x 63mm  the ARMA in 222mm x 70mm, 241mm x 76mm other custom sizes are available on request.


There are key areas where this shock differs from what is currently available at this moment. Firstly its construction and coatings are made from materials that are normally found at the highest end in motorsport, its piston design is very intricate and promotes very high flow allowing the transfer of oil across its surface with only the required amount of restriction needed in relation to the bump force, the compression valve assembly has a close relationship with the main chamber and the pressure balance between the two are very similar, this gives a very usable range of adjustment with no spike or harhness, the high and low compression valve assembly also has an incredible ability to control very high oil flow making an adjustment range that is easy for the user to feel.

The biggest feature by far and one that makes this shock stand alone from its competitors is the pressure that this shock runs at, 2bar or 30psi, (other shocks normally run around 200psi), this gives the shock its ability to have a very high degree of bump force sensitivity and low break free or actuation force never seen before in a mountain bike shock, even at this low pressure the shock does not blow through its travel or suffer from any hysteresis even at shaft speeds of 2mtr per second, it has a very dynamic feel and only uses the shaft travel that it needs to, one other feature you will see in one of the pictures that the ARMA and STORIA has a 4mm bottom out bumper for very end stroke control handing the job of deep stroke control to the compression valves, this means the you get to use the entire travel of the shock with no end stroke harshness unlike other shocks on the market that run around 20mm bump stops, you can lose nearly one inch of travel in some cases with bumpers this big.


To Compliment the STORIA & ARMA EXT have produced another first with a range of springs equal to or in some size’s lighter than their TI equivalent, sizes are from 225lb up to 500lb in 25lb increments with a5% accuracy and will fit any shock on the market.


One thing we are conscious of is that we intend the owner of the ARMA and STORIA to keep this shock for as long as they desire, when they decide to move to a different platform we can tailor the shock to their new one, no need to shell for a complete unit, and as our technology improves  so will our costumers shocks and their knowledge of using our shock as they send the shocks for service they will have the opportunity for an upgrade part if one is available, its makes ARMA and STORIA future proof.


With the advent of 275 wheel sized bike’s fast becoming the standard in Downhill and Enduro we have specifically taken time to understand the requirements of this new wheel size and what it means to the work of a shock, fine tuning to the damping curve for 275 give’s these new high speed machine’s even more stability.

When you look at the job of a rear shock its responsibility is to manage all types of bump force, give good ground feel, promote confidence in the rider and have an adjustment range that the individual understands and is not afraid make an adjustment to improve the days riding, We have produced this damper to improve all the parameters that a shock has to cope with  The ARMA and STORIA will allow you to run more precise tyre pressures thus giving more grip and tracking, just being able to improve those two points alone opens a whole new world.


Once you have decided on your chosen model fill in the fitment / rider form, this will give us all the information to custom build your shock specific to the requirements of your wheel size, frame, weight and riding style, this is vital to tailoring the shock to you, It will be supplied with two EXT springs which form as part of the tuning kit and the correct mounting kit for your frame. The first service is also included in the purchase price, this must be taken up after sixty days use and not over six months from time of purchase

Dont worry if you you have trouble giving us the right information about you’re riding, on the fitment / rider form there are easy to answer question that help you describe how you ride your bike.

Each shock will be supplied with a Dyno* signature, this the blueprint for your shock, it is a guarantee of quality and the performance level it is capable of when you purchased the STORIA or ARMA, when it is returned for service this signature is the bench mark that the shock will be returned with, it will represent the exact signature that it was originally  sent out with. In the case of an upgrade or tuning a new signature will be supplied with your returned shock.

Dyno*  For more in-depth information on the Dyno please visit that page.
STORIA     £600
ARMA       £600

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