Rear Shocks

All shock services include complete strip down, inspection of all parts, clean, complete seal kits, nitrogen charging (where applicable), DU insert bushings, Stendec Crystal rear shock fluid and tuning work via shim stack alterations (where applicable). Please call to discuss your requirements.

Shim Stack modification – by combining a myriad of different shim formations, dampening curve options based on rider weight and riding usage becomes almost infinite. We can also remove platform systems and replace with an aftermarket piston and shim stack giving your shock a more dynamic feel.

In many cases shock failure is due to badly maintained or worn pivots. Don’t waste your money repairing your unit only for the same problem to re-occur. Please check all pivot points carefully and if your pivots are worn we can advise you on solutions.

Remember; reworking your shock after it has been tuned to your individual riding style should be a regular occurrence. Due to the tough life shock units are under, regular servicing is a fact of continued performance. It’s often difficult to notice a gradual deterioration in shock performance. We recommend that your fork or shock should have a full service once per year and a basic service part way through that period

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