ARMA Extreme Shox


With the changing world of the mountain bike and the increased use of the 275 wheel size, EXT & STENDEC have spent considerable time evaluating effects of damping frequencies that 275 produces against 26 inch.

As 275 smooths out the bigger holes that 26 falls into on the trail and DH course and the increased speed you ride at, this requires a finer tuned suspension with a bigger range of high frequency control, both the ARMA & STORIA are available in these tunes giving you an enhanced 275 ride.

Tuned for 27.5 incs and tuned 26 incs.


Personalized lengths on request
222 / 70 mm
241 / 76 mm
267 / 89 mm


Main piston Ø29 mm
Compression Valve Ø24 mm: High Flow Valve, Hydrostatic Spool System
Reservoir Ø28 mm
Chromed Shaft Ø14 mm
Rebound Valve with anti-wallow system
30 psi N2 pressure
3 way adjust.: high and low compression speed, rebound 10 click / bump low speed 10 / bump high speed 15 click.
Proprietary Nickel Base Coating for low friction and no stiction
Built in 7075 T6 and Titanium

HBS (Hydraulic Bump Stop) available on request for ARMA 241mm and 267mm length

No cavitation
Very low hysteresis for high dynamic response
High Turbulent flow for very low temperature depending
Low friction Energize Seal

450gr for 241/76 mm


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